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Lamaa - لَمى

Why is this word written in the Duolingo Font without an (visible) arabic m, but if you copy it in your browser search bar, the arabic m suddenly appears within the word?

August 4, 2019



That little, short line to the bottom right is the meem/m sound. It’s very common in some Arabic fonts.

August 4, 2019


it can mean two things : if there's a stress on the "m" it can mean "when", like in : "when he arrives ..." if it's like you wrote it "lamaa" it can also be pronounced as "limaa" which's from "li man" which means "for which/who" like in : "for who can hear me ..." if you talk about the curvy line linked to the "meem" it's only an "alef" but called "broke" or "maksoura" some feminin words (by their articles) have it instead of the usual alef

August 4, 2019


It's just a font issue. No worries.
Arabic letters sometimes can have various shapes according to calligraphy style and such. Just for the fun of it, google "Arabic calligraphy" and check the images.

August 5, 2019


That's just another way of typing it, not the most common (though I am one of those who write it that way), it's the the little curve under لـ

August 5, 2019
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