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What is the flag used for the Navajo language?

I just think it looks cool, but I can't find it by looking up Navajo, and when I looked up "Navajo nation" on Google, I got a totally different flag.

August 4, 2019



The basket is used for a lot of things outside marriage. It also represents a lot things, I think it used here to represent the cultural ties between the people and their traditions. I'm full blooded Navajo and we have four in our house. Two are to protect us, one was given as marriage gift, and the last is just to put things in. The Navajo Nation Flag that people look up is the Full Navajo Nation with traditional references.

Glad to see others learning our language. Its Hard and even native speakers have trouble saying them nowadays. So keep learning the language.


I probably am wrong but:

-It looks like the background is whats an acceptable background for the nations flag.

-The Red is the Sun

-The "Symbol" looks to me to be the "Medal of Honor" Since they used the language during WWII and it was the only one that was unbroken during the war.

If so mad props to Duolingo. However, probably a quick made flag to represent the nation since the official flag is a bit complex for a tiny Gif.

Update Best response is Ccf-Uk_2018 Below. Keeping my post only to show what I thought originally. However, the post referenced by Ccf-Uk_2018 is more accurate


Here's what I found according to https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29351461

DragonPolyglot: "I looked it up because I don’t know much about it myself, It’s a pattern for a woven basket called a wedding basket. It has a lot of symbolic representation of Navajo values and beliefs:"

keanu933461: "The ts'aa' also known as a "wedding basket" is used within many Diné ceremonies-- with the wedding only being one time it is used."

Hope that helps :-)


I think it’s more of a simplified variant of the original flag, but with a different symbol/meaning.Similar to what they did with the Arabic course.


The flag for the Arabic course looks like the flag of the Arab League.


I doesn't look anything at all like the flag of the Navajo Nation, so I'm wondering the same thing.


I have to say, it's a much better flag than the Navajo Nation currently has. If I were Navajo, I'd be asking for the change.


Its a basket, a wedding basket.

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