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"في الْخَلْفِيّة أُمّي وَبِنْتي."

Translation:There is my mother and my daughter in the background.

August 5, 2019



Should be translated "There are...." as this is not a single subject.


This sentence doesn't follow the previous pattern. "hunak" seems to be missing here. Could we have the following instead: هناك أُمّي وَبِنْتي في الْخَلْفِيّة


are not is .. plural!!!


"my mother and my daughter in the background" is not accepted, but I can't see "there is" in arabic in this sentence. In other ones, there is always "there is" in arabic. Why not in this sentence ?


Because when there is "fi" you dont need "hounak".... weord but it's like that in arabic


"fi" conveys the meaning of "hunak" when...? at the beginning of a sentence? always? not clear


Literally, في means "in". هناك on the other hand means "there". In this sentence, في retains its original meaning when you translate it to "There is my mother and my daughter 'in' the background". However the word هناك, which means "there" hasn't been used in this sentence and I think that's what is confusing most of us. I know it's confusing and doesn't make sense when you take the literal English translation, but it makes sense in Arabic. :-)


I prefer "is" (or "are") to "there is" (and keep the sentence order of the Arabic). The proposed translation is just bad English.


What sentence do you propose?


"In the background are my mother and my daughter"


I suggest Duolingo gets a native English speaker for the translations. There are a lot of awkward and also bad English translations that we have to follow in order not to be marked wrong. The above should surely be "there are", not "there is"?


It's not just the English translations. Even some of the Arabic words used and some pronounciations are vague and not quite right.


What happened to our previous comments?


So why do we say "in the background" or "in this picture" but we can say "There is a lion in my house" Why does this sentence have to statt with in, but the other one didn't?


How "there" is add in sentence


The sintax is dreadful. 20210224

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