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  5. "Peter has to meet Julia."

"Peter has to meet Julia."

Translation:पीटर को जूलिया से मिलना है।

August 5, 2019



Why is it Peter ko and not julia ko it's a specific person he had to meet- julia why does peter take ko?


To say 'has to'/'have to' in Hindi, we usually use the verb infinitive+है construction. While doing so, the noun has to be followed by को.
Eg: Raj has to eat - राज को खाना है।

So, 'पीटर को मिलना है' would be 'Peter has to meet'. Of course, this is not a valid statement without specifying who he has to meet so we add ' जूलिया से'='with Julia' as the indirect object of the verb मिलना.


Memorably well-explained, as always, Vinay. धन्यवाद.


I was wondering what the function if से was i this sentance structure. Thank you so much for the concise clarification!


Thank you for all your thorough explanations vinay! They're always so helpful!


Could जूलिया साथ be used on par with जूलिया से ?


पीटर को जूलिया के साथ मिलना है can be used. (Note that the postposition is के साथ, not just साथ). But that has a meaning closer to 'Peter has to join Julia'.


Oh I see. Very helpful as always, thanks!


As peter has to meet julia, not julia has to meet peter Both are different


How would the literal translation look like? I still don't get why that ko is needed.


Take a second look at Vinay92's comment above from 9-August-2019. If that doesn't help, there's more discussion here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29456405/आमिर+को+मेरे+घर+आना+है।


Thanks! The link helps me a bit further. I'm always trying to learn such complicated (i.e. very different from my own native language) things via mnemonics. Sometimes it helps a lot to know the literal translation.

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