"Hold this a moment."

Translation:Hold den her et øjeblik.

August 5, 2019



is it correct to say Hold det her?

August 5, 2019


Yes, why isn't it accepted?

Here are some comments I found on DL about using "den her" instead of "denne", and "det her" instead of "dette":

1) "it's simply more common in spoken Danish to use 'den/det her' instead of 'denne/dette'. Both is equally correct though."

2)"den her is the colloquial way of saying "this", while "denne" is the formal way. (Same with det her / dette, and de her / disse.)"

3)But when you say det/den/de her; it could also mean "...that here". "There is a difference in pronunciation between the two meanings.

Brug den her = Brug denne, Use this one

Brug den her = Use it here

Hope this helps!

September 11, 2019


den her

August 5, 2019
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