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"اَلْكَراج كَراج كَبير وَبارِد."

Translation:The garage is a big and cold garage.

August 5, 2019



What's with the double garage at beginning?


@Edin- the first garage is part of "The garage". The second garage is part of "big and cold garage". In Arabic the adjectives (big & cold) come after the "garage". As a result the two garages come together. :-)


Aha thank you. I forgot about the implied 'to be'


The garage is a big cold garage?


@emptycan - No. You missed "and"


That's definitely what I would say, I can't imagine many native English speakers including 'and' in that sentence, unless they reduce it to 'the garage is big and cold' (which is actually even more natural sounding than repeating 'garage.'


The garage is a cold and big garage should be accepted, shouldnt it?


an English speaker would say: The garage is big and cold or "the garage is a big, cold garage. The 'and' is not necessary in English.


@anno - the comma in your sentence serves as the "and". If you remove it, then the sentence sounds as weird as the one without "and". Also, your first variant did include the "and". By the way, this sentence explains a lot about how Arabic grammar works. The implied "to be"; as well as how adjectives work, their placement, and the nesting of more than one adjectives. But I agree with your point that there are a few different ways how this can be said in English.


I think Dou should allow translations that are grammatically correct in English.


I beg to differ. This is not a translation class but language learning class. So the given answer (read "translation") is perfectly fine as well as grammatically correct (reasonably).

Another grammatically correct "translation" could be "We park our car in a big and cold area".

Or "The garage is not small and warm".

Or "The temperature within the large car-holding shed is low at the moment".

All grammatically correct. But don't help us learn Arabic, which is the point of this lesson. So I will stick to "The garage is a big and cold garage" if you don't mind.


I wrote "The garage is large and cold" without writing a second garage and it was accepted, it's amazing :D


If I remove the second "كَراج" and make the sentense "The garage is big and cold" is it grammatically correct? ?


Is الكراج كبير و بارد a correct alternative? It sounds more natural to me but I'm not sure it is grammatically correct or if I would always have to double the garage.


The garage is a big garage and cold, should have been accepted


Hassan - then this should also be accepted - "This garage is a garage big and cold"; isn't it?

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't "The garage is a big and cold garage " not accepted?


    It is definitely accepted. But without the additional space at the end, as is seen in your sentence.

    [deactivated user]

      The space was just in my typing here with the quotation marks. There was no space when i answered and it wasn't accepted


      I have no idea what else may be wrong. All I can tell is that it is the correct answer. Maybe try again and "report" your answer as correct.


      I wrote, "The garage is a garage large and cold." It was marked incorrect. Why?


      @Margit - because in English we write the adjective(s) before the noun. Black belt, not belt black. Cold drink, not drink cold. Similarly large and cold garage, not garage large and cold.


      What is weird, and what do you propose instead?

      The above answer is grammatically "A is a B and C D". Where A & D are nouns, and B & C are adjectives.

      In the current sentence

      A = The garage; B = big; C = cold; D = garage.

      Try it with

      A = Cycling; B = nice; C = easy; D = exercise.

      Does it still sound weird to you?


      Oh this was a good sentence to learn :))))

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