When writing your name, do you write it in hiragana, katakana or kanji? and why?

For specifically those with Chinese names, do y'all write your names in the kanji or katakana (or hiragana)? And why?

For those with names that are fairly long, do y'all shorten your names when writing it in katakana?

And finally, for those who have names with sounds that are not in Japanese and are not similar to any Japanese sound, how do you write your names?

I'm just curious as to everyone's answers :)

Personally, I shorten Stareitabaanani to Sarei and write it as サレイ. So how about y'all?

August 5, 2019


Most non-Japanese use katakana though I know a few Chinese and Korean people who use their name's hanzi and hanja, respectively. I use a diminutive of my proper name and write it in katakana (ルーシー). My last name is a nightmare; it's got loads of consonants and the horrible Dutch g-sound. I've approximated it in katakana as best as I could but still try to avoid it altogether haha.

August 5, 2019

The rule goes that if you have a Japanese name, you write it in Kanji (unless you are little so you write in hiragana). If you don't have a Japanese name, you write it in katakana.

I can write my proper name マダリン easily but MJ is something best left alone.

August 5, 2019
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