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"اَلْحَنَفِيّة في ٱلْمَطْبَخ صَغيرة."

Translation:The faucet in the kitchen is small.

August 5, 2019



Why does 'small' modify faucet and not kitchen in this sentence?


the feminine ending makes it agree with faucet, not kitchen. if you wanted small to agree with kitchen, small would be masculine, and would have the definite article, but then you would be saying "the faucet in the small kitchen"


Yes. In addition, it is missing the definite article, so it cannot be used as attribute of the kitchen (which has the definite article) but only as predicate for the faucet.

  • 1918

Can someone please tell me what is this new character " ٱ " and how to type it with arabic keyboard?


It is called wasla. In many texts, it is just omitted as it was in earlier lessons of this course. You will usually not see it in everyday written text, only when you read القرآن or other historical texts.

You can put it on a silent alif at the beginning of a word when the alif does not carry hamza or madda. Instead of the alif, the final vowel of the preceding word is pronounced.

See also https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasla


yeah what is it called?


i think that depends on which Arabic keyboard you are using...there are a few, and also differences between mac and pc...but a google search for 'Arabic keyboard layout' will bring them all up and then you can answer your own question.

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