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This guy learns Spanish in 7 days. (ikenna YT)

Often times I see people ask for tips about all sorts of stuff in order to learn better, faster & remember.

Ikenna tried learning Spanish in 7 days only & later put his fluency to the test.<< (Sadly the final part will be up next week or so...)

Ikenna has a lot of experience with languages (Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, French (and English, duh.)) His way of learning can be very helpful.

True, if you want to be fluent as a native, 7 days won't be nearly enough. Still, I found out that he has gotten very far in 4-5 days while I had gotten to that point in 4-5 months...

Should this be on Duolingo or Spanish? it's useful for anyone tbh...

GL! :D

August 5, 2019



Thanks for sharing. I keep trying to find the quickest way to learn a language. I don't have unrealistic expectations or anything but there must be some program that is optimal as far as spending x amount of time listening, x amount of time writing, x amount of time speaking, etc.

I haven't been able to find anything conclusive. I've heard people say 100% immersion is the best way but you still have to learn vocab and understand the grammar so I don't really get how that works. I mean you still haven't to study the language you can't just pick everything by osmosis. Honestly duolingo seems to give me best results than anything else I'm doing.


Lol! @ "I'm a private investigator today. I'm investigating this grammar." - Ikenna re: his Spanish studies.

I wondered why Ikenna didn't focus on Spanish when I would watch his videos. I forgot about his past struggles with it in high school.

After watching this video, I can see why he's able to become fluent so quickly in various languages. He's figured out a strategy that works best for him.

The way he studied seems intense for 7 days, however, it's clear that it works.

Here's a lingot because it's Ikenna...lol. He's adorable.


While I am not a fan of the obsession with "polyglots" on youtube, Ikenna does seem to have a good method for language learning, as well as a passion for it. Interest is the best teacher, they say. He has studied French and I believe his girlfriend also speaks French, so I bet he will catch onto Spanish very quickly.

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