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"Der Landkreis"

Translation:The district

April 18, 2013



"Kreis" means "circle" in German, so "Landkreis" is something like "a circle of land", a district or a county. Just sharing it because it helps me to remember the word :-)


Why, thank you, Christian! Thanks to this article I found another very easy way to remember this word. I switched the article into Russian and of course it was "округ" ("круг" being a circle). The Russian word is very similar, I was stupid not to think about it from the start.


Is there a difference between Bezirk and Landkreis?


Thanks, Christian. So Landkreise are specifically administration districts of one of Germany's national states, and Bezirk is more formal.


Bezirk is used for city district. I remember when I lived in Vienna, every district was called a Bezirk.


Nice. To make it even easier for Americans out there, think of "Bezirk" as the boroughs of New York City, and "Landkreis" as a county, like Orange County in California.

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