Any good Indonesian songs?

Hai, gi pa ni!? I'm trying to better my Indonesian, have heard Seventeen already so is there anything else good to look out for??

Terima kasih!!

August 6, 2019


You could also search for "Sounds from the corner" and "Music Everywhere" on Youtube.
These are live performances from various artists.

If you've found a nice song, you could include "lirik" or "lyric" in your search string, that will give you the video with the lyrics (duh...:)), so you can read along and sing along.
Some examples :

Maudy Ayunda - Alasan untuk Bahagia | Official Video Lirik

LALAHUTA - Tunggu Apalagi (Official Lyric Video)

These are some of the artists that I like to listen to:
Maudy Ayunda
Payung Teduh
Sheila on 7

August 10, 2019

For traditional music, I suggest Manuk Dadali

For modern music, I suggest everything from the artist "Tulus". Also "Akad"

For absolute hell, I suggest Lucinta Luna's "Bobo dimana"

August 7, 2019


August 7, 2019

every music by "Payung Teduh"

August 9, 2019

Any song is good.

For beginner, children song are the best: Bintang Kecil, Pelangi, Kebunku, Balonku ada lima, Topi saya bundar, etc..

For poetic language: search for Ebiet G Ade songs

If you brave enough, you can try mixed indonesian and local dialects, such as:

Sayang, by via Vallen: mixed Indonesian and Javanese Karna Su Sayang: Indonesian in Flores slang. Gemu famire: mixed sikka and Indonesian

August 13, 2019
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