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"Mara and Torg are vacationing on Kronos."

Translation:Qo'noSDaq ghIQtaH mara torgh je.

August 6, 2019



Would ghIQlI' also be acceptable, if the implication was that they are vacationing but will eventually be done?


Yes. And just plain ghIQ, meaning you're relating the fact that their vacation is occurring (as in They vacation on Kronos; in English we don't speak in the simple present tense for something like that, but force a progressive present tense on it).

From Conversational Klingon:

Are you vacationing on Kronos?
Qo'noSDaq bIghIQ'a'?

Yes, I am vacationing on Kronos.
HIja', Qo'noSDaq jIghIQ.


Note that it's not just that it will eventually be done. All things must end. But I suppose a vacation can be viewed as a series of steps or locations that are progressed through to reach the end. The alternate translation has been added.

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