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  5. "Arriviamo al decimo posto."

"Arriviamo al decimo posto."

Translation:We arrive in tenth place.

June 13, 2014



I arrive in the tenth place would make sense under a particular context. "So which one of these places on this list did you eventually make your way to?" "Well, I arrived in the 10th place" - points to 10th bar on the list. "But in order to get there, I did not bypass the prior 9 places , hence my inebriated condition."


That's what I thought it meant - the tenth place on a list of places that someone was going to. I was thinking more gardens and museums, but drinking establishments work equally as well, and might be more fun. However, it didn't occur to me that the sentence was referring to placement in a competition. Is there another way "we arrive at the tenth place" would be written? Or is is it context dependent?


[Edit] In reviewing this two years later, I have come to the conclusion that the intended italian meaning is as a ranking (thanks to Reverso Translation's contextual examples) as opposed to We come to the tenth place (on the tour). I think that "il decimo posto" would be more like coming to "the tenth place".

We arrive in tenth place (as in a race).


Why not "in the tenth place"?


I feel that we would say this: we 'come in' tenth place...I am a native English speaker, and have been in quite a few competitions in my long life, and I have NEVER, EVER said that I "arrived" in first, second, ninth, fourteeth, or last!


I agree! I wrote 'We come in tenth place' because that's how I'd say it in UK English. I want my heart back!!


Thanks, Jaycee-Em, for your take on this. I am going to report this. Please report too if you have not already done so! Here's a heart...♥!


Bless! Same back at you...This is the first time I have posted, as I am so happy with the free-ness of what is a brilliant service in Duolingo - plus in true Brit fashion hate to complain! But I do get a bit frustrated with the Americanisms now and again.


(American English speaker) We arrive in tenth place would never be said in the U.S. either.


Might be an Italian expression, after all that's the language we are learning here, but don't take my word for it


Well, "arriviamo al decimo posto" is a bit weird in Italian too. xD (It would have sense if it was in past tense, however. "Alla corsa siamo arrivati al decimo posto" - "At the race we arrived in tenth place") The only context I can find some logic in is a situation/contest/game where you have to accumulate points in order to win. Like, "With this points we arrive in tenth place. We'll never win/we still can win if in the next rounds we do X points!"


Laurie, An American may say "arrive in 10th place," as, for example, in a race.


Come was accepted July 2015. About time!

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It is true that although this sentence is technically correct, it is not a very natural way of saying it; but it can make sense in the right situation.

For example if you are talking about a 100m race, saying that someone has "arrived" in tenth place would be odd since they haven't really changed location.

However if there was for example a race from one country to another then I would think that this sentence would make sense: They have arrived (in the next country), in tenth place.


While "arrived" might be an seldom used word for a race, the racer has definitely changed location, from start line to finish line and their position in the race was noted.


Cmann1 your logic is flawless...I agree fully


You are completely correct. To arrive an a place is very unnatural. "Come" is still reckoned to be wrong so I have reported it. 20.07.14


Thanks for reporting, Harold!


I put "We come in tenth place", not only because it sounds more natural but also because, in a previous sentence "Arrivo nona" was translated by DL as "I come in ninth"! Where's the consistency?


I agree completely, also as a native English speaker.


Well... Imagine a race, there's a finish line at the end, right? What if told you I'm in that race and (unfortunately for me) there's nine Usain Bolt's clones racing with me. Guess who's ARRIVING at the finish line in tenth place? Exactly, another Usain bolt clone. As for me, I'll have a cramp in the first ten meters lol


I concur with all those posts about how bad the English is, and I have also reported it. The English "We arrive in tenth place" could conceivably mean we arrive physically [e.g. at the place where we play our next game] and we are currently in tenth place. (It would make sense to say the Tigers arrive in Baltimore in first place.) Or maybe, we just rose to tenth from 11th in the standings, or dropped from 9th. Are those possible connotations of the Italian sentence, or does it only mean we came in 10th?


"We come in tenth place" is absolutely okay in my opinion. In fact "we arrive in tenth place" is not english!


AS an English-speaking South African I don't have too much of a problem with this translation, except that I would make it continuous tense: We are arriving in tenth place. I imagine this to be said by a team nearing the finishing line in a yacht race or a car rally.


I'm thinking of a golf tournament, where one can "arrive," or, more naturally, "be" in tenth place when he or she completes their round. That person doesn't come in tenth or finish in tenth place until everyone else finishes their respective rounds. It is helpful to get an English translation in the most accurate and helpful context.


What's all the fuss about? "We come in tenth place" is accepted by Duo.


Why is "al" used but not "nel" or "del"?


We always say we are in tenth place...'bout the only context I can see is a regional competition where your team has competed in numerous games and arrive at the finals in tenth place


They corrected me "we come to tenth place" after I put "we came tenth place" we don't say "we come to..." in English


The usual US English translation might be "we come to <the> tenth place" (on our list) or for the other meaning "we came <in> tenth place" (in the race).


My answer was wrong because I wrote 10th instead of tenth. Perché?


"We arrive to"? WHAT.


how can 10th not be right?


type it out dude :)


It is completely unnatural to say that someone arrives in tenth place. I want my heart back for writing the correct version, using 'come'!


I'd say "arrive" is a good option for learning, and "come" for English usage....reported....


Why is it wrong to translate as "We came in tenth place" ?


Came is past tense.


WELL.........If you don't want the clutter to go on, then put it right! This is not the only instance where you have wrongly corrected my English, even leaving aside the examples where youR English is simply stilted. I suggest you get a native English speaker, preferably a linguist, to go over your responses.

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And I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.


if posto means place, how come you ask a person "tutto a posto" for everythings ok? e.g come va, come stai etc.


As RogerC noted, a literal translation for "tutto a posto" might be "everything is in place"


Too many literal translations with duolingo. We came in tenth place.


I wrote 10th and it was marked incorrect. Cardinal numbers are accepted, and so should ordinal.


I came tenth - No! I arrive tenth - Yes! Why?


i typed 'Arriviamo al decomposto'. Surely Duolingo can recognise a simple typo?


That's exactly what I wrote!


What about "We arrive tenth in place"? How would that be correctly rendered?


No, that would not be correct. you cannot rearrange "...in tenth…".


What is this sentence. I would never ever say this. Like, never say it. Sure I am just learning numbers but this sentence is ultimately confusing.


Si, Tutto a posto. (Everything is OK) [i.e. - in place, and where it is supposed to be]

Il dottore dice che io sono alla decima settimana. (The doctor says that I am in the tenth week.)


I assume this would pertain to some kind of race. In English, we'd say "we came in tenth," or "finished tenth." It didn't like the former translation.


I tried "we arrive at the tenth place" and Duo said no, the correct answer was "We come at the tenth place". Sound lewd, crude and pigeon English Utter rubbish.

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