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  5. "زَوْجَتي أُسْتاذة."

"زَوْجَتي أُسْتاذة."

Translation:My wife is a professor.

August 6, 2019



When does the word 'is' used? When i use in a sentence it is incorrect and when i don't i am still wrong. Why? What's amiss?

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Just made this article yesterday in the forum, hopefully it will answer your question: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33483445


Why is the ت there? Weren't we taught that a wife is زوجة? Can the 'my' not be added to a word ending with ة?

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This letter is Ta Marbúta and it is there indeed for this purpose .... it changes from H to T when it is modified by a vowel, or like in this case by adding the possessive article "my" ـي.
Thus, زوجة (zawjah) in normal conditions ... isolated or at the end of the sentence, turns to زوجتي (zawjatí) - my wife.
Another example:
Watch: ساعة (sá3ah), My watch: ساعتي (sá3atí).

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