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  5. "Rawad is from France."

"Rawad is from France."

Translation:رَواد مِن فَرَنْسا.

August 6, 2019



I hear "Rawadun". I thought the "un" thing was meant to be used with nouns to indicate some sort of indefinite article, so why is it here after a name?

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Tanwin occurs with proper names. Specifically names of Arabic origin. However, this is somewhat a different story other than being definite and indefinite. Tanwin has other purposes in the language, like for example forming adverbs or the accusative case.
Anyway, in case of proper names like Rawád it is just as it is. You can think of it as being a noun without the definite article AL and hence it needs Tanwin (even though it's a proper name actually).


The tanwiin or nunation "-un" indicates that the word's case is nominative/subjective. In other words, it's telling us that Rawad is the subject of the sentence.

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