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  5. "This is my rent."

"This is my rent."

Translation:هٰذا إيجاري.

August 6, 2019


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"هذا إيجاري" is not accepted, i am not able to type "هٰذا إيجاري" (the small sign over the hamze). The only way to type it is copy it from somewhere and paste it here.


Using that small sign is extremely odd outside of Quranic writing anyway. Very poor choice on part of the course makers to include it to begin with.


انا ايضا!


6 June 2020 Still not accepted Reported


It took me a long time to solve this — in the end I made my own keyboard layout, based on the "Arabic QWERTY" keyboard (I'm on a Mac) which includes ٰ and ئ cos I couldn't seem to type that either!


I wrote: هذا إيجاري (copied and pasted my answer).

It shows "hadhaa" underlined. I think it's correcting not having the alif dagger, which is not necessary really.

Same problem reported by others. Please fix it!


Same for me. Absolutely infuriating. My keyboard layout just does not have this form of alif on it. It will not be accepted if I just leave it off, even if the rest of the answer is (as far as I can tell) correct.


Finally worked it out. It's AltGr + N on my keyboard


هذا This needs to be accepted.


If anyone's on a Mac I can share my keyboard file. It's still slightly wrong — I suspect the issue is that I'm using a superscript rather than a combining diacritical but I haven't had the time to investigate fully. I get a spelling error warning now but my answers are accepted, so I'm moderately happy.

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