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"لا أَفْتَح اَلْباب بِسَبَب اَلْطَّقْس."

Translation:I do not open the door because of the weather.

August 6, 2019



Is this translation correct? I mean, it looks like a literal translation, but in English, this means something like "The weather is not the reason I open the door, but I open it because of something else." If the meaning of this sentence in Arabic is "The weather is the reason that I do not open the door.", the correct translation would be "I am not opening the door because of the weather.", i.e. with a continuous verb phrase.

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Not sure about the English counterpart (the English sentence here seems OK with me and I understand it as the Arabic one). Anyway, in Arabic there is no continuous present tense or simple present tense. It all melts down to "present tense". لا أفتحُ (lá aftaHu) simply means (I do not open). And I take it as a general statement for a general status.
If you are talking about a current situation and not a general status, in which you might need to use "I'm not opening the door" then I think the more adequate tense to use in Arabic in this situation would be the negative future, typically: لن أفتحَ (lan aftaHa) - I will not open.


I'm not familiar with Arabic outside of this course, but in English: General status = "I do not open the door." Current situation = "I am not opening the door." So if the Arabic sentence translates as a general status, then it's OK, but I just thought that was kind of a weird thing to say, i.e. "As a rule, I do not open the door."


It means you're in England and the weather is rotten. Haven't opened my door for days because of the strong cold wind...


StevenWest, in English this sentence is ambiguous whether you use the continuous or simple present. This can often happen with negative sentences. The only way to disambiguate it decisively would be with something like, "I keep/am keeping the door shut because.. "


In arabic what would be the question in which we would expect this answer ?

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لماذا لا تفتح الباب؟
Why don't you open the door?

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