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"All of you respond"


August 6, 2019



I am a native swahili speaker born in Mombasa. This response is wrong. Simply saying "jibuni" means respond and is in reference to more than one person. I.e i am telling more than one person to respond. To say all of you then it needs to be nyinyi nyote.


'All of you' should have been enclosed in parentheses to avoid misunderstandings. And to add an exclamation mark, so that it is clear that in this case the imperative is meant. I make the same mistake all the time answering 'Mnajibu'.


Jibuni=Respond! (to Plural)

Jibu=Respond! (to Single)

but because English does not differentiate (unless you use Respond Ye and Respond Thou) they included All of you which should be in brackets.

Jibuni= Respond! (All of you)

Jibuni Nyote!=Respond all of you!/All of you respond

[deactivated user]

    Hopefully this course gets cleaned up. Is full of inconsistencies

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