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  5. "I don't want (it)!"

"I don't want (it)!"

Translation:ʻAʻole au makemake!

August 6, 2019



Why is "'A'ole makemake au" incorrect? That is how other sentences in this lesson are structured.


Aloha e @StarDotJPG , Hawaiian grammar is such that there are special cases for the negative in which some word orders are shifted. In the positive case, we have more or less the same pattern convention.

In the positive case using "Makemake" or "_ wants" (in English). You can place any common or proper noun like word after "makemake."

In the negative case, for the words "au, ʻoe, ʻo ia, māua, mākou, kāua, kākou, ʻolua, ʻoukou, lāua, lākou" all bump in front of "makemake" after "ʻAʻole". Below are some examples where these words would be used in the negative sentence pattern as well as other words not a part of this list.

  • ʻAʻole au makemake i ka poi. (I do not want/like poi.)

  • ʻAʻole lākou makemake i ka poi. (They do not want/like poi.)

  • ʻAʻole makemake ka pōpoki i ka poi. (The cat does not want/like poi.)

  • ʻAʻole makemake ʻo Lehua i ka poi. (Lehua does not want/like poi.)

I hope this helps a little with the confusion >.<"


Thank you! This is very good to know. I wonder, could this info be added to a Tips section for this lesson?


Awesome! Mahalo nui for the tip


Mahalo, KekoaMonkey! That helped a LOT! Plus, I learned a lot more pronouns. I appreciate you sharing!

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