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Help with diacritics in Country 1 - Lesson 8

I've seen أَُجيب written multiple times but I see that the alif is written with a hamza, a fathah, AND a dammah above it. Is this a mistake? I understand that hamzas are written above the alif when the vowel sound is /a/ or /u/ and below when /i/, but I haven't seen an alif written with both a fathah and a dammah above it.

If this is correct, can someone please explain why it has both the fathah and the dammah above it?


August 6, 2019



Yeah, it's wrong. Should only have one diacritic.

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hehe I have to admit, this mistake is funny... I can imagine what sounds are required to produce such an impossible letter :)

I'm guessing a wolf howling? AoUUU


I think it is not wrong . I think it just is to emphasize that it is "a" not "u". Because in Arabic changing a sound can change the whole word as I know.I think if you saw it even under Alif do not be surprised it is just for emphasising.

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There is no such thing in Arabic orthography.


The TTS pronounces it as "ujiib" though - so if it's a "u" sound, why is the fathah there?

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Yeah it is a typo from their side

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