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  5. "اَلْخَريف حارّ."

"اَلْخَريف حارّ."

Translation:The fall is hot.

August 6, 2019



Both options Autumn and Fall should be available as few Gb English speakers would think immediately of the season when confronted by Fall


Yes. It's not just a matter of inclination: GB English speakers never say "fall" when referring to the season. Why oh why is the English component of this module so awful? Insensitive to variation, often ungrammatical or simply incomprehensible ....


it should be "the autumn is hot" no ?!

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British use "autumn"
American use "Fall"


What about ٌسَاخِن Can I use it here?

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Well, Not really. I can't remember I've seen this word used in this manner even though both of them mean "hot". Usually the word ساخن is used for a hot material (food, metal...etc), not the weather in general.

The word حار can be used also for spicy food; You would see that a lot in the ads. However, this is not 100% correct. The word for spicy in proper Arabic is حِرّيف (Hirríf).


سكراً جزيلاً


لا، لَيسَ الْخَريفُ حارًّ.


Autum (fall) season can never be describe as hot but warm . There is no word offer in word bank.

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I'm not a native English speaker but I'm not sure why the fall or autumn season cannot be described as hot. Where I live, the temperature in the fall season can reach up to 45C and I'd describe this as hot and not warm.

All in all, hot and warm are just general terms for the degree of heat, where "hot" is higher than "warm" - so the temperature is not really limited to the type of season i suppose.

In Arabic, the two words are also different:

  • hot: حار
  • warm: دافئ.


the same in the place where I live


Talib-61, you can change your mind if you visit once UAE.In September is not warm here.It's damn hot!In October &November is just hot.And it will be warm only at night or in your accommodation with air conditioner)))

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Yes, UAE is closer to the equator in general (i live in Kuwait) - so humidity there (as in coastal areas like Dubai) will be suffocating at times more than it is in Kuwait. Here, it is mainly the air pollution that causes tremendous increase in temperatures even in autumn. Now because of COVID it seems temperatures this summer did not exceed 50C much (except in desert areas i think, max was 53C few weeks ago).
In the past few years, temperatures did reach even 60C in some urban areas (specially in June).


Oh, that's always sad to hear about air pollution.I live in Abu Dhabi and actually we're surrounded with the water from all the sides)) so humidity is terrible now and hot as hell but at least we're lucky, the air is not polluted as much as it could be with so many cars on the roads.

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yes... small countries suffer the most with pollution - specially in this region where riding a bike is out of question


I guess so? I am from the capital of the maldives and the buildings do give alot of shade.


Yes "the hot autumn" . Leaves may fall in the autumn but we never call it that. Annoying.


why is it not "the hot fall"?

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The fall is hot: الخريف حار.

The hot fall: الخريف الحار.

Notice how the adjective hot حار is treated regarding the definite article (AL).

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