What are the Arabic words you have memorized until now?

What are the Arabic words you have memorized until now?

August 6, 2019


Edit to correct spelling, thanks Jawad-Dawdi The Freedom الحرية

I only know a few words but have covered 334 in the course so far.

This is the best word I know so far. I have been listening to Souad Massi for hours upon hours and am studying the lyrics to all of the songs I have been listening to for years.

I knew no Arabic before this course and will probably study for a few years before reading a simple book in Arabic but I can't believe what has been hidden by not learning this language earlier.

I have had the "Deb" album for over 10 years and just loved the melodies but her lyrics are so deep. Here is a concert cued up for the song Deb ذاي

August 6, 2019

the correct writing is الحرية from the same family there is حر Horr free حرة Horrah free هو حر he is free هي حرة she is free

August 6, 2019

Thank you

August 7, 2019

The lyrics of the the song of which you gave me the link are not in Standard Arabic - They are in Algerian Arabic Dialect - Do you want me to give you links to some Songs where the lyrics are in Standard Arabic?

August 6, 2019

Yes please!

August 6, 2019

fayrooz - sakana llayl listen to it first - and if you like it - I'll give you the lyrics

August 7, 2019

Very nice. How do you tell Algerian dialect from Standard?

August 7, 2019














August 6, 2019
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