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"Orang yang banyak dosanya akan masuk neraka."

Translation:People with a lot of sins will enter hell.

August 6, 2019



I have to keep reminding myself that this is only a language lesson...lol


Shoudln't it be "Orang yang PUNYA banyak dosanya..."? What kind of word is "dosanya" even here, verb/adjective/noun?


"dosa" = sin

"- nya" is used as a possessive here, to refer to "orang".

"orang yang banyak dosanya ..." = "orang yang punya banyak dosa ..."


Does that mean I can also say "Aku banyak apel." instead of "Aku punya banyak apel."?


"Aku punya banyak apel" ==> this is correct.
"Aku banyak apel"==> this is not correct.

In such a sentence you need a verb to show possession.

If you don't want use a verb, you can say it like this :

"Apelku banyak" ==> My apples are a lot.

It's informal, it's a very direct and straightforward sentence in Indonesian.
It just doesn't translate well into another language.
I can remember a similar sentence in this course, and the sentence discussion is full of complaints.


What about:

"Aku banyak apelnya" ? :) Same as dosanya


Kita semua banyak dosanya. :) (Yesaya 64:6)

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