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Learn German with Mango.

Book after book, subscription after subscription, I couldn't find anything that didn't bore or simply work for me.

Let me start by first saying, if you're learning a language from a book, you have my respect. That seemed to be the hardest, most annoying, medium for me. Probably the fact that I had to google word after word to see how it's pronounced. I wouldn't recommend using them if you're an absolute beginner. Best to stick online.

Babbel, Udemy, Lingoda, Germanpod101, Pimsleur, are just some of the platforms I've used. Whether it was price, course structure or functionality; all just didn't do it for me. This week I was at the library to see if they offered Rosetta Stone or any other software and the guy at the front desk said the city is subscribed to Mango. And you can use it for free with your library card.

Fast forward one week, Mango is the best thing to ever happen to my Deutsch education. The platform is super clean and very easy to navigate, like Duolingo. The lessons move at a great pace, unlike Duolingo. Pronunciations by the narrator are also spot on. In each lesson they also offer little tidbits on what you're learning. Like weather in Germany, food, culture, greetings, etc. Always super interesting and fun.

Mango, in my opinion, is definitely the best platform I've used. 100% recommend and will stick with.

Duolingo warriors, don't get me wrong, I still love this site. I just don't think Duo holds up on it's own and it's always good to use multiple resources (:


August 7, 2019



The thing that bothers me the most about going to other platforms is that you can't pick up where you left off from on Duolingo. If I finish the tree on here for French, I'd have to start at the basics again on Mango. Pretty annoying honestly. Does anyone know a way around this?


Ya I see what you mean. I'm unsure if that is a possibility.


Some sites let you test out of stuff that you know


Thank you for the suggestion. I will take a look at it!


I have tested it and I like it! I think I'm going to use both Duo and Mango for the time being. I have to train basic German before my university starts in September. Thank you again.

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