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"This fried rice is from a restaurant."

Translation:Nasi goreng ini dari restoran.

August 7, 2019



When should ada be used? I'm constantly getting marked for not using it when I should, and using it when I shouldn't


"ada" is for "there is/it exists". If you want to use "adalah" I think it should be more correct


I'm really stuck on the placement of ini. How do I tell when to place it before or after a word?


i think ini acts as an adjective so it always goes after the noun it modifies, like other adjectives :) kucing hitam = black cat. kucing ini = this cat. it can also mean 'this' though in which case its just a noun


I think you should to add "Nasi goreng ini berasal dari sebuah restoran" as a correct answer. It was my answer and wrong..I'm Indonesian (:


It didn't say "this restaurant" in the sentence so i assume that ini means "a restaurant" in this sentence

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