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Can someone tell me the pronunciation of "r"? I am a Chinese and I can't watch YouTube videos.

[deactivated user]
    August 7, 2019



    Oh wait I just realized this is to help with high valyrian not english, I'm so sorry!

    [deactivated user]

      It doesn't matter, but are you sure to keep it in my topic or delete it?


      It is always a rolled or taped 'r' like in Spanish for example. For some people it's quite hard to do, also for me. I'm a German and I don't have this rolled r in my native language so I cannot make this sound. I really have to practice it a lot.

      [deactivated user]

        Thank you.


        This is hard to tell. With no videos, I do not know how to explain. Try singing, "eeeeeeee", then lowering pitch lower and lower. As you do this, move your chin to your chest. When the pitch of "eeee" is low, and you are looking down, the "eeee" may change to "errrrrrr".

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