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"My friend George has amazing work."

Translation:صَديقي جورْج عِنْدهُ عَمَل مُمْتاز.

August 7, 2019



sorry for being, like, dumb, but why isnt it "عند صديدقي جورج عمل ممتتاز" ?

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excluding the typo you have made, it should be correct


But there's some difference between these sentences?

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In the order yes, in the meaning no. However, experiencing Duolingo for more than 2 years now, I realize that sometimes they want words to be in a specific order (mostly the order of the original sentence) even if there are other options available to order the sentence. Experiencing that myself with Russian and it is giving me some hard time as well


As highlighted below, I believe عند صديقي جورج عمل ممتاز should also be accepted (open to correction from a native/more experienced learner...?)

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it is correct.
not sure though if Duolingo will accept the answer any time soon - if ever


Wouldn't the more precise translation be: "My friend George, he has amazing work"?


That is a more literal, word by word, translation of the translation they accept (which is, as many people say, not the only translation). But word by word translations are frequently not idiomatic, and the goal of language learning, surely, ought to be to come out with idiomatic translations, otherwise the people you are talking to will think you're a bit strange.


An amazing. An is missing


But "an amazing work" just isn't correct English, if "work" here means "job" or "occupation". (You could say it if, for example, "work" meant "work of art" ...)

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