Bir işaret falan yap kral

Ceza eğer tehdit altındaysan bi işaret falan yap kral.

What does it mean? I think it means "Ceza, if you are under threat, make a sign, king." but even if I'm right, I still don't get it. It is one of the most up-voted comments under the "Killa Hakan & Ceza & Ezhel & Ben Fero - Fight Kulüp" Youtube video:

August 7, 2019


You are right. The one who wrote this is jokingly suggesting that Ceza must have been threatened to be in the song, otherwise he wouldn't take part in it. You can understand from the amount of dislikes that not everyone liked the song.

August 7, 2019

Basically, it is the Turkish adaptation of "blink twice if you need help" meme.

August 8, 2019
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