"Everyone should sleep."

Translation:सबको सोना चाहिए।

August 7, 2019



Well, what does exactly "chahna" mean - to want or should? Since these meanings are completely different. How can i see if everyone wants to sleep (since they are really tired), or it's better for them to sleep (since they'll have to work hard tomorrow)?

August 7, 2019

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It's better to think of the form चाहिए as being a separate word than the root-verb चाहना. चाहना and all its other forms always mean 'want'. चाहिए is different.

When used with a verb as in this sentence, चाहिए indicates modality ('should' or 'need to'). So this sentence conveys the second meaning you have listed.

When used with a noun, चाहिए can mean 'want' although the sentiment is a little stronger than when using other forms of चाहना. Eg: मुझे दो आम चाहिए - 'I want two mangoes'. In other contexts, it can mean 'need'. Eg: सबको जीवन में शान्ति चाहिए (Everyone needs peace in life).

August 9, 2019
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