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  5. "This child wants to go."

"This child wants to go."

Translation:यह बच्चा जाना चाहता है।

August 7, 2019



जाने is the oblique form of the infinitive जाना and is only used when it is the object of a postposition. Eg: यह बच्चा ऊपर जाने में मदद चाहता है ('This child wants help in going up') where जाने is the object of the postposition में.


Is there any difference between ".... chahta." and "... chahta he." ?


चाहता is the main verb which corresponds to 'want'. However, all present-tense sentences in Hindi have है as an auxiliary verb to indicate that they are in fact in the present tense. This है can only be dropped in negative sentences.

So, 'यह बच्चा जाना चाहता' is not a complete sentence without है.


Why not chaahti hai?


In case it is bacci ( feminin child) then you use chaahti hai


What's the difference between यह बच्चा जाना चाहता है and इस बच्चे को जाना चाहिए ?


यह बच्चा जाना चाहता है means 'This child wants to go'.

इस बच्चे को जाना चाहिए means 'This child needs to go', as in 'This child should go'.

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