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Indonesian Meme Accounts, and why they're interesting.

Each country has a meme trend. The internet is full of "modern" memes, with the text on top and the main image in the bottom. Some even have vines.

Indonesian meme pages are truly different. We make fun of other people, and that person becomes "viral" and gets to the famous talk shows.

It's a basic win-win

(Except when we go full on this little girl who attempted to sing Alan Walker's Lily. That was odd and mean but we're all jerks here)

Seriously, we are truly just trash accounts.

Also, "Receh" means coins. But in the internet, it means having a low quality sense of humor.


Tell me what you think about them, I want to know what other people think ^_^ ((Should I put more examples?))

August 7, 2019

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I am learning Indonesian and can understand some memes, but thanks for the link!

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