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"Unfortunately, there is no mountain close to my city."

Translation:لِلْأَسَف لَيْسَ هُناك جَبَل قَريب مِن مَدينَتي.

August 7, 2019



This is only a literal, word for word translation. هناك would not be used for existence normally. One might say لا يوجد جبال قريب من /إلى بيتي.

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Not exactly word-to-word. The expression can indeed include the word هناك and still be good without it.
Also, جبال is plural, singular is جبل.
جبال قريبة (close mountains)
جبل قريب (close mountain)

ليس هناك جبل قريب من مدينتي
لا يوجد جبل قريب من مدينتي
لا يوجد هناك جبل قريب من مدينتي
هناك لا يوجد جبل قريب من مدينتي
حول مدينتي لا يوجد (هناك) جبل قريب

all of these are valid expression and lead to the same meaning, and the list goes on.


what is the difference between laysa and laa?

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Just to keep it simple as much as possible: Laysa is a negative article that is introduced to a nominal sentence to make it negative. Nominal sentence in Arabic are sentences that start with a noun, or something similar (like Hunák: there) but not a verb.
As an example, let's suppose the sentence: Ahmad is here أحمد هنا (aHmad huná) - to negate this and make it Ahmad is not here then it would be أحمد ليس هنا (aHmad laysa huná). As you can see, Laysa here is introduced to the noun we want to negate, which is (huná: here) in this case. This is a rough explanation hope it works for you for now.

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