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How to start translating?

I feel very stupid, but how do you start translating on Duolingo? Where is the option?

April 18, 2013



We need a brief how-to or at least a legend for the page? What do the numbers under the pictures by the articles mean? Is that the level of language difficulty? Is it the number of times its been gone over? Also, are we supposed to work on the grey sections or the black sections of the translation?


I feel stupid, too - I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do on the Immersion tab. Can someone please explain how this works?


Go to Immersion


I had the same question and found this post to be very helpful: http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/302767


Well, I don't feel stupid but I am wondering how this works. Adding something to the Help menu would be a good way to start. I'm confused as there are a bunch of topics on the right side of the menu but I can't figure out anyway to actually get an article in Italian. Do articles only show up when you reach a certain level of proficiency?


They've been offering me opportunities to translate for quite some time, and I know I'm nowhere near ready in German but I did just try a little bit in French where I'm more proficient. I don't know what if any criteria they use. I'm all for "pushing" learners to try new things, but if they're telling me I can only read 40% of German text I probably have no business translating it for others. :-)


Thank you! This is an old post but I've been wondering for quite some time how to get into translating and I didn't know where to start, let alone dare get into something without having a pretty good idea what it was. I finished my French tree this morning and really needed a new challenge... after reading the above link I tentatively edited a couple of sentences and translated a couple of "fresh" ones in need... and I earned 8XP!

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