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  5. "We drink."

"We drink."

Translation:Wir trinken.

April 18, 2013



How do you know in WE DRINK if its correct to use instead of trinkt is trinken , and in lesson 1 it was trinkt


Before starting the new section first we need to read the Tips. If we remember the Tips, it is easy to understand.


What is the difference between trinkt, trinken, and trinke


You need to get used to conjugation:

  • I drink => ich trinke
  • you drink => du trinkst
  • he drinks => er trinkt
  • we drink => wir trinken
  • you drink => ihr trinkt
  • they drink => sie trinken

It's not always as "easy" as with drink, sometimes even the stem changes, e.g. when animals drink:

  • I drink => ich saufe
  • you drink => du säufst
  • he drinks => er säuft
  • we drink => wir saufen
  • you drink => ihr sauft
  • they drink => sie saufen

Take care of the endings.


The verb endings/conjugations depend on the subject. The endings follow the same rules for pretty much all verbs. I learned this in a German class: Ich-trinke Du-trinkst Er/sie/es-trinkt Wir-trinken Ihr-trinkt Sie-trinken

Idk why there is no clear explanation of German grammar because it would make things a lot easier...


Number one says Wir trinkt. I thought that would be correct as well. Why isn't it?


The way I remember that trinke doesn't go with wir, is that, any word that changes to having an "e" at the end goes with "I" (just like, "I before E")


The correct conjugation would be 'Wir trinken'. See here: http://is.gd/nCwRLg


Can I get an explaination on this? It is confusing. Are the words based upon the pronouns.


Yes I use E st t en t en as simple verb congigation trick.


what's wrong with the num 1?


No idea what number 1 is. Please quote the full sentence when asking a question. We don't see the multiple choice options here.


Ich trinke Wasser ==Wir trinken==


What would be the correct translation for " do we drink ", is it simply " trinken wir" ?


What would be the correct translation for " do we drink ", is it simply " trinken wir" ?

That is correct.


In english, "we're drinking" or "do you drink?" Is usually a statement or question about alcohol consumption. Is that also the connotation in German?


Num 1 is "Wir essen".I think is right too. So why answer says only the No.3 is right?


to eat = essen to drink = trinken It isn't the same.

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