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"لَيْسَ عِنْدي وِشاح وَلَيْسَ عِنْدي تَنّورة."

Translation:I do not have a scarf and I do not have a skirt.

August 7, 2019



Can't we just say " ليس عندي وشاح وتنّورة " or should we repeat this "ليس عندي " for every object we don't have?

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hmm i would accept that somehow.
In fact I would add لا as in: ليس عندي وشاح ولا تنورة (this is equivalent to saying: I have NEITHER a scarf NOR a skirt.
Worth noting, when I first read your sentence, I got the impression that the scarf and the skirt are like one set of items, like they do come together. So, probably for more clarification (or rather a delicate one) it would be better to use the negative twice. Other than that, your sentence is OK I guess.


Isn't the word "or" "أو" or something like that? Would ليس عندي وشاح أو تنورة work here? (I could be wrong; I haven't been studying very long. If this is the case, please correct me)

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Yes. "or" (أَو) would work. But not sure if Duolingo is goingto accept it. Sometimes it asks for literal translation.


The word "or" hasn't been introduced in the course yet.

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