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"Since when did she become the mayor?"

Translation:Sejak kapan dia menjadi wali kota?

August 7, 2019



The english sentence doesn't make sense, right? "When did she become the mayor?" or "Since when is she the mayor?" should be correct.
And while I'm at it, "jadi" means "be" while "menjadi" means "become", is that correct?

[deactivated user]

    I agree on the first part. I am not sure about the second.


    The DL English version is OK, but it implies the speaker is surprised or taken aback. "Since when" is not the same as "when" in English. I don't know if the Indonesian version is also emphatic.

    Re "menjadi" - it means "become" or "be". I copy and paste the sentences with "menjadi" in Duo so I am not marked wrong if I use "become" instead of "be". I have 10 Duo examples of menjadi translated as "be" and four where the translation is "become". I have also used "become" when Duo wanted "be" and not been marked wrong. A native Indonesian speaker would be better explaining "jadi" vs "menjadi" but my list of DL examples shows "menjadi" consistently used for "be/become", and "jadi" used to mean "so". I can only assume "menjadi" is better grammar for "be"/"become".


    My understanding is that: 'became -past tense' 'become - future tense' 'be -present tense'

    As Indonesian doesnt have tenses they are all menjadi, but in English we wouldnt normally recognise them as the same base word.

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