Giving the correct answer but the system saying you are wrong.

I am going through the Irish curriculum and in Basics 1, in section 4, there is a sentence in Irish that translates to I am a boy or He is a boy. Can't remember now which. BUT, despite putting in the correct answer repeatedly, the system says my answer is wrong -- even though my answer is identical to what the system is telling me is the correct answer. And it won't let me complete that section or override that to complete the section. For some reason, it just isn't recognizing the right answer AS the right answer.

Anyone else noticed this error? I guess I should just skip that section, leave it undone and move on. But I wanted the company to know the error is happening.

August 7, 2019


“The company” doesn’t read the Irish Discussions forum; you’ll need to send a bug report to them if you want them to do anything about it. (See the Help section to find out how to do that.)

August 7, 2019

Something similar happened to me a while ago. When it marks you wrong, and it posts the correct answer at the bottom of the page, highlight and copy the answer, then paste it in when it gives you the question again. I hope it works for you!

August 7, 2019

If I didn't forgot it, the right answer is "and" not "or".

August 8, 2019
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