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"There is my mother and my father in the background."

Translation:في الْخَلْفِيّة أُمّي وَأَبي.

August 7, 2019



What about the word 'there'

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There would be translated to هناك (hunák). However, the usage of this word is different from English to Arabic. Here in English you use it to bring the attention to something "there" but in Arabic it would not be necessary the case. For examples, you might say "there is nothing here" (notice how you use THERE and HERE in the same sentence) - "there" does not really have a locative quality so to say. "There is nothing here" would translate to لا يوجد شيء هنا or even shorter لا شيء هنا (lá yújadu šay'un huná - lá šay'a huná; respectively). Both translations do not contain the word هناك (hunák) which stands for "there".

Note: I've coined Locative - it's not a real English word :)


You did not coin that at all. Locative is a real English word. It's used to define a grammatical case.


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my spellchecker has another opinion i guess


هناك أمي وأبي في الخلفية


I keep getting word order wrong in these exercises. There must be some way of explaining this, but, of course, duolingo never explains anything. It's infuriating.

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Welcome to Duolingo. I have the same problem with Turkish and Russian. Most probably, I would say, your word order has a chance to be correct but Duolingo would not accept it. Because it Arabic is more flexible and some words can change places (but, with keeping the declension marks).


@GrahamWhit324102 did you read the tips? ; )

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