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"The garage is a big and cold garage."

Translation:اَلْكَراج كَراج كَبير وَبارِد.

August 7, 2019



What exactly is the grammar format for phrases like these?


İ didn't really get what you mean here... But maybe the following may help:

The first word الكراج is the first mobtadaa "مبتدأ"

The second كراج word is also a mobtadaa "مبتدأ" but a second one

The third abd fourth words كبير / بارد are adjectives for the garage but thier role in the sentence is considered to be khabar / خبر for the word كراج (the second one)

And the sentence كراج كبير و as a whole is considered to be the kahbar for the first mobtadaa "الكراج" ....


The part of كبير/ بارد may not be accurate though...


why is garage write 2 time


The sentence is not "The garage is big and cold." Rather, the sentence is "The garage is a big and cold garage." Word for word, written in Arabic, the sentence would be "The garage [is] a garage big and cold."


I like your explanation. Have a lingot


Shouldn't it be barid wa kabir.


Because the two adjectives are not mutually exclusive and they don't specify each other, you can write them in either order. If however, the adjectives were describing one another, the order would matter. For example, "a light blue jacket" the word "light" is describing the word "blue", so you cannot say "blue light jacket" but if the jacket was light, as in lightweight, you could say "a light, blue jacket" or "a blue, light jacket" and either would be correct.


I wrote it their way which would read "The garage is a garage big and cold. I am confused but got it correct. It beats me.


Why to be confused ? That's how the Arabic sentence order works ^_^


the garage is big and cold garage.. it has to be al karaj kabir wa barid karaj.... why is there two garage in begining?


Read the explanation by ClassRocks above. I always read the comments when I'm not sure. I've learned a LOT by reading comments!


The garage is a big and cold garage.


Garage is the same in Arabic

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