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Please allow us to change the font size!

It's been a while I've been learning arabic with Duolingo, and I have a big problem : I can't properly read the small arabic letters, and my eyes are suffering every time, whether I practice on my phone or my laptop. And I can barely imagine how horrible it must be for those who learn japanese or chinese...

So just one simple feature would help : the possibility to change the size of the font (in the settings). It would be just amazing, cause I am REALLY tired of counting small dots...

August 7, 2019



Here's a tip:

If your using Duolingo on the web, click Ctrl and + at the same time to enlarge your screen. To zoom out, click Ctrl and - at the same time.

Hope this helps!


I do this - it really helps!


I agree--even though I'm 70, I see pretty well, have no problem with Hebrew or Chinese, but the arabic letters are just too small--most of the time


I totally agree, the arabic letters are way too small! makes it really annoying sometimes...


it troubled me at first as well. but it does get a little bit more tolerable. with a good amount of practice, sometimes i don't need to see them clearly and know by glance at them at times. i guess that's how the native speakers do it. i now want to consider it as a training to prepare for what's to come once i set foot on the arabic world.


You are right, it´s way too small. I will try LICA98´s tip, but if the programmers could make the letters bigger, it would be a great improvement. Thanks for the post.

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