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How do you structure and organize Hawaiian sentences?

I'm fairly good at forming simple Hawaiian sentences, however I'm still confused on the overall grammar and structure of more complex sentences. Can anybody explain the basic sentence structure of Hawaiian, or at least give trustworthy resources that do explain it?

August 7, 2019



I really recommend any Youtube videos that help with grammar and sentence structure


Aloha e @Nyla_Case , this is a good question, and is great to want to learn more beyond what Duolingo provides. I would recommend 2 sources (each with a specific learning goal).

1) Nā Kai ʻEwalu - This is a great college-level textbook developed by faculty of University of Hawaii @ Hilo's College of Hawaiian Language, Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani. You can find this via their website and also sometimes can be found on Amazon or from Hawaiian bookstores online. I would highly recommend this one as I have studied through this series, especially if you are used to classroom style instruction of language. It offers a uniquely Hawaiian perspective to language learning, which is in itself an invaluable resource.

2) Hawaiian Grammar by Mary Kawena Pukuʻi - This would be for the language scholar who approaches learning from a Linguistics perspective. Highly technical, but also THE irrefutable written source of Hawaiian grammar. For someone trying to learn written/spoken Hawaiian, and does not have a firm Linguistics background, this source may be a bit intense.

I hope this helps!! Also, please do not feel discouraged while learning Hawaiian. It is good to remember that for those who are rooted in many European & Asian Languages, the prospect of learning any Polynesian Language will be quite difficult. You will find out why as you dive deeper, but please keep a very open mind and try to step away from fitting Hawaiian sentence patterns and word usage into usual western grammar equivalents. They are just too different and will add confusion >.<".


Iʻd suggest this site- https://www.slideshare.net/malama777/pepeke-painu. Start with the two easiest Pepeke painu and honua. They spelled honua, henua.


Aloha, There are different ways to say things. Examples: Aia is used for where. Loaʻa is used for got/have. Ke nei/E ana/E/Ua are past/future/present/going to patterns. ʻAkahi no a is used for finally/just. ʻAike ʻO, etc, etc. So I would reccomended to find some slideshares that go over setences patterns. If you really want to become fluent then take some notes and practice practice practice.

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