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"أَنْتِ ذَكِيّة جِدّاً يا أُسْتاذة رانْيا."

Translation:You are very smart, Professor Rania.

August 8, 2019



You have left out 'a' in this one.


How do you tell the difference between "You are a very smart professor, Rania." and "You are very smart, Professor Rania."? As there is no punctuation indicated I went with the former and was marked incorrect. :/


The "yaa" goes before "Professor Rania" rather than just before "Rania", so we know that we're addressing her as "Professor Rania.


The grammar is incorrect. Also we do not tend to use the name at the end in English


But if you are speaking to her directly, giving her a compliment, then you would say it as given here in the exercise.. "Professor Rania" is her title


That is the structure of arabic sentences to put the name in the last, the noun come in the end. Just like how it is not the structure of English sentences to put thenoun in the last. May you understand by ur creator's will for a good future


How does one pronounce the word for "very"? It looks like "jiddaa", but it sounds like "jiddaal".


It's pronounced as jiddan


Is there no formal plural in Arabic?

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