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  5. "kāna keiki"

"kāna keiki"

Translation:his child

August 8, 2019



I was given ___ keiki. I had two choices: "kāna keiki" or "kona keiki". Aren't they both right potentially?


Aloha~! This is a question between a-class vs. o-class possessives (search more on this when you have time). In Hawaiian thought, having a child is something that is acquired through life, and you are not inalienably born with. For that reason, it should always be "kāna" vs. "kona". Contrast this with "his mother." This would always be "kona makuahine" as his mother has been his mother since he was born into life.

Hope this helps!!


This I got this wrong, too, but the explanation is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaiian_grammar#Gender . Might not be all that helpful at first, but here we are, starting to get into the really challenging parts of Hawai'ian grammar.


DL has a tips section at the beginning of this lesson that explains this. Just hit the little lightbulb icon


There is no tips section on the Android mobile app. I don't know about the iPhone mobile app. People wouldn't be nearly as confused about these lessons if the tips were also included in the apps and not just on the website.

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