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"There is a funny and weird woman in this picture."

Translation:في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة اِمْرَأة مُضْحِكة وَغَريبة.

August 8, 2019



Whyyyy is it that sometimes 'in this picture' is in the end and sometimes it's in the beginning? A few exercices before, it was incorrect to start the sentence with 'in this picture'

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Actually Arabic is flexible in that matter (sometimes). The thing is whether Duolingo would accept it ot not.
Anyway in this sentence, you can put (in this picture) at the end and bring the other half first, but it would be necessary to use Hunák هناك first to point at the (funny weird woman). In fact, Hunák, means "there is" is I think they should have used this version here better because it is parallel to the English sentence here.


I don't understand why the whole "in the picture" is brought over to the front

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Imagine saying "there is" in the beginning to point out a specific place first, and then explain what is wrong in that place. This is what's happening here.
You can bring that part of the sentence to the back, but you have to start with Hunák هناك (there is).


في هذه الصورة امراة مضحكة I really do not see where I made the mistake because was marked wrong!

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The English sentence also includes (weird) غريبة


The answer I gave was correct before. You're inconsitent. And both answers are correct because I would understand either one.

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