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"In the morning, I like eating here."

Translation:صَباحاً أُحِبّ اَلْأَكْل هُنا.

August 8, 2019



In case you were woundering... There is another correct literal translation for the first part "In the morning" which is "في الصباح"


How does one say, "the food" and "eating" in arabic?


Yes. I also like to know: is these two sentences are translated the same to Arabic:

I like the food here

I like to eat here

Thank you in advance!! :)


But there is another word to say "food" in Arabic طعام, you could translate "the food" by الطعام, and "to eat" by أن أكل. If you want to say "I like to eat the food in this restaurant" you could translate it by أحب أن آكل الطعام في هذا المطعم.


How do you know where to put "huna"?

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