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"Sambal and soy sauce"

Translation:Sambal dan kecap

August 8, 2019



Why not hot sauce and soy sauce? Sambal is sambal, no translation?


to me, hot sauce is not sambal at all. that would be something like tabasco sauce or sriracha sauce, though perhaps that depends where you are from. to me, sambal is a very specific malay/indo thing that doesn't have a western equivalent/direct english translation. maybe 'chili paste'? the only times i've seen it on a menu it's been written as 'sambal' anyway, sometimes with an explanation of what it's made from, underneath.


unless i am very much mistaken, kecap is the thick, sticky version of soy sauce that you could just call 'soy sauce' but which it would be much clearer to call 'thick soy sauce', as 'soy sauce' in english almost always means the very liquid kind(s). also, can't you call soy sauce 'saus kedelai' in bahasa?


This is what sambal looks like. I found it on google.

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