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  5. "a smart Arab woman"

"a smart Arab woman"

Translation:اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة ذَكِيّة

August 8, 2019



اِمْرَأة ذَكِيّة عَرَبِيّة This is not accepted as correct? Is there a reason?

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The order of the adjectives.


Please help me to get the correct order?


What does the little w on vowels do? If it's on a consonant, it doubles it, correct?

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Yes, it is Shaddah, and it falls only on consonants. You might find it on ي or و but if it does it means these two are not long vowels, but are rather consonants (as Y and W respectively).


why is"اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة ذَكِيّة" the only acceptable answer

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When adjectives are successive in this manner, the change in order can deliver different meaning. Reflect:

  • A Canadian-German man.
  • A German-Canadian man.

The meaning of each is different. In the first, we have a man who was Canadian and now he is German, while in the second we have a Canadian man who was originally a German.
The order of adjectives in some instances might not change the meaning a lot but on other occasions it does, so it is better to keep track of the order when translating from one language to another. In this instance, the order of adjectives in Arabic goes in reverse to that in English. As in the example above, when the English phrase goes like A smart Arab woman, the Arabic version goes like (literally from right to left): woman/Arab/smart.

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