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"The professor is a smart and fast translator."

Translation:اَلْأُسْتاذ مُتَرْجِم ذَكِيّ وَسَريع.

August 8, 2019



There's no place to leave this comment, but DUO!!! The Arabic is illegible. You've got to use bigger font!!! One literally cannot see the diacritical markings, so the vowels and doubling signs are impossible to read. Even on the COMPUTER, let alone if you're trying to do it on your phone! You have a bigger font that's perfect-the one you use for some of the matching exercises. Please use that for ALL of the exercises!!! (It's also a lot darker, which ALSO makes it easier to read.)


If you press control and scroll wheel upwards, your browser will zoom in for you.


Beephi, please tell me how to do that on my phone.


My sentiments precisely, Cee Cee Song. Nicely put. And i funny have a Control key on my mobile


Now I see bigger Arabic fonts but there is less space for the question in English


what is the difference between الأُسْتاذ and المُعَلِّم? Both are teacher/professor here


why the second one is not correct?

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You'll need to be more specific. As far as I know, users are shown multiple choice questions in random orders that vary.


Can I ask u all why u study arabic? Im just curious I study arabic cause I have arabic lesson in my school and im struggling with it


Me personally, because when I first heard it spoken, while on holiday in Israel, I thought it was the most beautiful and thrilling language I had ever heard.

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