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  5. "Judy is my neighbor."

"Judy is my neighbor."

Translation:جودي جارَتي.

August 8, 2019



Pronunciation help - which suffixes should be applied in this sentence?

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In the word جارتي

Originally, it is جارة (járah) - female neighbor.
When "my" suffix ـي is applied, then it is attached to the Ta-Marbútah ة and turns it into T ت - and the word becomes جارتي (my f.neighbor).


Why do you have a period at the beginning of the sentence?

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Well, it is supposed to be at the end but this is a common problem when typing Arabic in some platforms that do not correctly support the right-to-left system of writing.
You will see this problem prevail also when typing quotes (" ") and the exclamation mark (!) and few other symbols I guess. So, it's just a technical issue not a linguistic one.
Personally, sometimes I would type a letter (just anything) after the dot to bring the text back to the right alignment.


جودي "هي" جارتي. (Is) here is equavelant to هي and I dont think the sentence can be written without it.

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Yes, it can be written without it. You can add it for emphasis

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