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"If you see Worf there, then tell me!"

Translation:pa' wo'rIv Daleghchugh, vaj HIja'!

August 8, 2019



There needs to be an easy referrence in the app or something to look up all the "I to Them, Them to It, Us to It, Him to Us" etc. verb prefixes.


They can't put it in the app, but you can easily look it up on the web. Here's one: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Klingon_prefixes

Also, the course has a "tips and notes" section that you can't get in the app. Try the desktop web version; I'm sure you'll find the charts in one of those sections.


I don't think we ever actually present the entire chart in one place. A pop-up that could be requested from any place within the course would be great, but require more programming than Duolingo is prepared to invest in a smaller course like Klingon.

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